Chest Rig Fashion Bag


Fashion Chest Rig Bag

Chest Rig Bags have been hot in fashion. Matthew Williams with his Alyx made a statement with the rigs and they’ve been seen on the runway and on celebrities like Kanye West & Travis Scott at the Met Gala!

Wearing chest rig fashion takes style to a new level. Fashion chest bags are cool & comfortable. Alyx chest rig set the standard and other tactical chest bags have followed. New to the fashion game are the Chest Rig Vest with military styling! Check ’em out below.

These bags go around the chest and make a real fashion statement rig. Look below for more tactical rig bags and for the tactical chest bags.


• Chest Bag Material: Nylon
• Rig Strap Length: 35 inches (90cm)
• Bag Length: 11.1 inches (30cm)
• Buckle Closure
• Great Bag For All

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Chest bags put the ion in fashion! Backpacks are cool but when it comes to making a fashion statement chest rigs or vest take the cake. You can get these in a myriad of styles and colors. Some of the rigs even come down to the waist! Many of the fashion houses have jumped on the trend, like LVHM (Louis Vuitton) with a collab from Kanye West.

The Alyx Chest Rig set the standard but newer chest bags have come a long way in fashion. You can get chest rigs on Amazon but you get a good variety here! Shop now for the best in chest bag fashion!


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