James Holzhauer Jeopardy Contestant Big Winnings

Why James Holzhauer Jeopardy Contestant Is Going to Be Big in 2019

Why James Holzhauer Jeopardy Contestant Is Going to Be Big in 2019

James Holzhauer jeopardy contestant is setting some amazing records with his streak of winning on the game show. As of this writing, his winning streak is at 21 and counting, and his win total is an astounding $1,608,627! He is steadily inching closer to the all-time champ Ken Jennings record of $2,520,700.00 for regular season play, according to the Jeopardy Hall of Fame. Holzhauer is still considerably far from Ken Jennings winning streak of 74-games and Brad Rutter’s all-time record monetary record of $4,688,436.00, which includes tournament play.

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The entire nation is glued to the events surrounding Holzhauer and he has become more than a water-cooler subject. From sports talk shows to political jabber, everyone is finding a way to work his name into the conversation. His name is becoming a household name, like Lebron, Taylor or Justin. This is why James Holzhauer is going to be big in 2019!

Who is James Holzhauer

James Holzhauer, best known for his 2019 run on the game show Jeopardy, is a 35 years old professional gambler from Las Vegas Nevada, according to his Wikipedia page., during which he has set several of the show’s records. Born in Naperville, Illinois in 1984, he married Melissa Holzhauer in 2012, and the couple has a 4-year old daughter. Melissa has achieved some level of success on game shows herself having been on and won money on “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire”.

Melissa Holzhauer wife of Jeopardy champ James Holzhauer

Jeopardy! 2019 Day-to-Day Calendar

James has used he and Melissa wedding anniversary, $9812 (September 8, 2012), on several occasions as a wager on Jeopardy! Holzhauer has evened used his daughters birthday $9914 (November 9, 2014) during his record-breaking streak. James is a math wiz having been featured in the Chicago Tribune as a child for his mathematics ability.

Ken Jennings’s Trivia Almanac: 8,888 Questions in 365 Days

Is Holzhauer Still Winning On Jeopardy

As of this writing, May 2, 2019, James Holzhauer is still winning on Jeopardy. His current win streak is now up to 21 games (and counting ?) with total earnings of $1,608,627.00. It is expected that his streak will continue. How much has Holzhauer won … well, we are sure that this total will keep updating!

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Does Jeopardy Have A Cap On Winning

At one time, Jeopardy did limit contestants to a total of $75,000 in winnings, with any balance given to charity. The cap was raised bit by bit over time and done away with entirely in 2003. The removal of the winnings cap coincided with the removal of the 5-day limit obligation on returning champions; since 2003, any Jeopardy! contestant can continue as long as he or she keeps winning, and keep all cash won. The very next year, a particular young man named Ken Jennings took full advantage of this rule. Jeopardy! champions who win at least 5 games in a row earn a bid to a future Tournament of Champions.

Secrets of the Jeopardy! Champions

James Holzhauer Net Worth Before Jeopardy

So, are you wondering how rich James Holzhauer is? Here’s what we do know, at the minimum Holzhauer net worth, at a minimum is $1,608,627.00 before taxes. In fact, the math whiz has always been confidential when it comes to his net worth. There’s no trustworthy information about his net worth at the moment. He’s a successful professional gambler in the lucrative sports gambling arena so, he should have maid a pretty amount of money before Jeopardy!. As far as his net worth after Jeopardy!, Holzhauer is already a millionaire and is on track to break Ken Jennings record of $2.5 million win.

Is He Cheating On Jeopardy

No, James Holzhauer isn’t cheating. He has, however, developed an awfully sound strategy. Round 1, begin with one thousand questions (daily double likelihood is merely one in five, with a potential $6,000). Next, do the 800 (unless he extremely does not apprehend a category); Go all in if he gets the daily double, yet, if he gets it wrong he’s got time to make it up or he takes an enormous lead). Since most contestants either run a category or randomly search for the daily double Holzhauer will begin with a vast lead.

2019 Jeopardy 365 Page-A-day DAILY CALENDAR/Desk Calendar

Round 2, start high in a categories he loves first, daily double it all (if close) or some amount to still have an insurmountable lead especially when he’s already up by such a huge amount.

The Secret To How Holzhauer Nearly Lost On Jeopardy

Holzhauer nearly took a loss earlier this week after he won by a measly $18. Brandeis College sports information director Adam Levin finished with $53,999 to Holzhauer’s $54,017. How? Well, it turns out Levin had a strategy of his own.

Levin had a slight edge that day: Because the show tapes five episodes in one day, and selects 12 contestants to come to the set for 10 spots, Levin was one of two extra contestants called in on Tuesday, Feb. 26. He ultimately wasn’t selected that day, meaning he was able to watch Holzhauer play five games before facing him in competition.

“I was able to note what he was doing and see how he was playing differently than ever seen before, and I was able to process that,” he said.

When Levin arrived to play in the first taping the next day, he was prepared.

“I was lucky to beat him on the buzzer a few times, and lucky especially to get a late Daily Double and keep the game close at the very end and make a big wager on Final Jeopardy,” he said, adding that a fan site, thejeopardyfan.com, noted that his total of $53,999 is the “highest-ever regular-play non-winning score in the history of the show.”

Will James Holzhauer Ever Lose On Jeopardy

It doesn’t look like it. Each of his games has been a “runaway,” in which he has gone into Final Jeopardy with an insurmountable lead. Holzhauer is not only the record holder for the most money won in a single Jeopardy game, but he also holds the record for the second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh most money won in a single game.

This poses an even more interesting question. What if the answer to the question is no? What if no one does defeat James Holzhauer? This week, he is the talk of the nation. Practically every newspaper and magazine has had a story about him, and so have the network (except Fox, obviously) news and entertainment programs. Jeopardy ratings are at their highest in years.

But, what if he doesn’t

But what if he still wins each game in a runaway a year from now? The novelty will have worn off, and people will become jaded with a contest in which the outcome is always the same. Even if you are now a fan of the show, will you still watch it if, day after day, week after week, the same thing happens, and there is not even a close game? No one will apply to be a contestant in a game with no chance of winning, and few people will spend plane fare and hotel rent to journey Los Angeles, when the most they can win is $2000. The producers will then have to go out onto the Hollywood streets to bribe homeless people to appear on the show.

If the outcome is the same for each show, and people become bored with a no-contest outcome, advertisers will become reluctant to buy commercial time. With the massive amounts of money Holzhauer is winning (not to mention the estimated $10 million annual pay of Alex Trebek), the show could begin to lose unsustainable amounts of money, and Sony is no longer the highly profitable corporation it once was. It could mean the end of the show.

What will Sony do? Will they risk repeating the scandal of the quiz shows of the 1950s by fixing the show? Will they devise an algorithm to find areas in which James Holzhauer is weakest and load the board with those topics? Or will James Holzhauer somehow be the victim of Los Angeles street crime and suffer a “mysterious” assault which has caused him brain damage? (Hillary Clinton will be accused.) Or will Sony declare bankruptcy and refuse to pay him? Will the Trump administration then authorize a Sony Pictures bailout to save thousands of jobs and the American movie industry?

It is all just as ominous as the long-predicted massive earthquake, “the Big One,” in which the entire West Coast of America breaks off and falls into the Pacific Ocean. If this cataclysmic event occurs during Jeopardy, the show’s ironic name will take on a new meaning, and it will obviously mean the End of the World (as we know it).

It could be that James Holzhauer is the Antichrist foretold in the Epistles of John. The signs are all there…

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