Gucci Style 5 Seats Universal Car Seat Covers


Gucci Style 5 Seats Universal Car Seat Covers

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2 sytles: (1) with pillows; (1) w/o pillows


1. The front seat cushion is integrated with the waist backrest, and the back seat is a three-seat long cushion and two independent backrests.
2. It is suitable for a variety of vehicle types. It is easy to disassemble and wash with elastic bands, so that you can maintain a clean and comfortable interior space at any time, allowing you to drive safely and enjoy driving pleasure.
3. The new semi-pack seat cover, the base is split design, and the length can be adjusted freely. This 3D cushion is suitable for more than 95% of household cars and off-road vehicles, and is commonly used in various 5-seater models.
4.Easy to install, just align the seat cushion directly and put it on. The seat cushion and the backrest will have buttons or straps that will be stuffed into the gap between the seat back and the seat. There will be straps or hooks on the seat cushion to secure the seat cushion from shifting. .

Product Name: Universal Car Seat Cover
Material: Ice silk material
Color: pink,black,brown,gray,red
Special features: Wear, health, environmental protection, breathable, easy to clean,
Suitable models: 97% of the market models (if your car is 7 seats, please contact customer service)

Deluxe version

2*front single seat +2 *backrests+ 1*rear three-seater +1*rear armrest pad +2*headrest +2* pillows + 1*steering wheel cover

Standard version

2*front single seat +2* backrests+1*rear three-seater +1*rear armrest pad

Our car seat covers are universally styled, suitable for 97% of the car models, it can be adjusted according to the size of your car seat, if you have any questions about your car, please contact us, we will help you.



Color Name

Red, Green, Pink, Pink Lux, Gray, luxury 1, luxury 2, luxury 3, luxury 4


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